Unlimited Wash Plan Benefits

Pay for one monthly rate and receive unlimited washes any day, anytime. (One per visit) The Vacuums are free for all Pirates Carwash members. Also receive discounts on detail services by earning dubloon points every month. Cancel anytime for any reason.


Family Plan Benefits

Pay one monthly rate and receive 10 washes per monthly cycle. You may apply these 10 washes to different vehicles. The 10 washes per month do not "roll over" into the following months due to lack of use. You may only use the family plan for a total of 10 times per month.


Monthly Rate

The Pirates UWC program & Family Plan Program will be charged monthly according to the Automatic Charge Authorization. The rate will be automatically charged to your credit card on the purchasing day of each month. After the monthly rate has been paid in full, the Pirates UWCor Family Plan program entitles the subscriber to full program benefits from the purchase day of any month to the purchase date of the next month.


Automatic Charge Authorization

I understand by subscribing to that Pirates UWC or Family Plan program, and by signing this agreement. I will continue to be charged the monthly rate indefinitely unless I discontinue as per the discontinue policy and procedure. All monthly charges permitted under this agreement will be made on the purchase date of every month. I agree to make payments of the monthly rate and all other charges permitted under this agreement.


Charges Not Paid

I understand that if I or anyone driving one of my vehicles registered under the Pirates UWC program visits Pirates Car Wash and incurs a charge not included as free under this agreement my credit card will be charged the full amount of the unpaid balance. I hereby permit such charges to be made as they are incurred.


Denied Charge Cards

I understand that, if my credit card is denied for any reason on any given month, Pirates Car Wash shall continue to attempt to charge my credit card the monthly rate as per the Automatic Charge Authorization. I understand that allowing my credit card to be denied, canceling my credit card, allowing my credit card to expire, or any other such action that shall prevent Pirates Car Wash from charging my card as per the Automatic Charge Authorization does not constitute discontinuation as per the agreement and I shall be responsible for each monthly rate until such time that I discontinue as perthe discontinuation policy and procedure defined herein.


Changing Vehicles

Once a vehicle/s has been enrolled in the UWC program and then changed for another vehicle on the same account that vehicle may not be changed back to an active status until 30 days has past from the original vehicle change date.


Updating Information

I understand that I may update information at any time, for any reason via any of the methods described in Contact.


Processing Fee

I understand that the initial processing fee is waived; however, if I discontinue the Pirates Carwash UWC Subscription the re-entry fee will apply.


Discontinuation Policy and Procedure

I understand that I may discontinue my subscription to the Pirates UWC or Family Plan program at any time, for any reason. I further understand that discontinuation of my subscription does not entitle me to full or partial refunds or credits for any reason. I understand that there will be no refunds of payment once they have been made to Pirates Car Wash. I understand that, to discontinue my subscription to the Pirates Car Wash UWC program, I must complete and submit the Discontinue Form located on the www.piratescarwash.com official web site. Pirates Car Wash will then email you a confirmation number verifying your request. You must allow 15 days notice prior to your recharge date. You may not enter, cancel or discontinue the Pirates Car Wash UWC program within the same 30 day period. I understand that, upon notice of my discontinuation of the Pirates Car Wash UWC program subscription, all program benefits will be terminated 30 days from date of my last subscription payment. I understand that, if I prepaid for the Pirates UWC program several months in advance, no amount will be refunded or credited if my notice of discontinuance occurs prior to the period covered by the pre-payment. I understand that, actual frequency of usage of program benefits, or lack of usage, does not constitute grounds for automatic discontinuance or a refund at any time under this agreement.

Pirates Car Wash right to discontinue

I understand that Pirates Car Wash retains the right to discontinue my participation in the Pirates UWC program at any time for any reason. Pirates Car Wash considers false representation, a criminal offense will pursue violation of the terms of this agreement with the proper authorities, particularly if it involves the placing of barcodes or license plates on a vehicle other than a vehicle registered for program benefits. Pirates Car Wash further retains the right to discontinue my participation of the Pirates Car Wash UWC program for reason of misconduct, disorderly behavior, verbal or physical abuse of the staff, reckless driving or speeding (exceeding 5 miles an hour) on our premises.


Rate and Contract Changes

I understand that I may update information at any time for any reason via any of the methods as described in contact. The terms and conditions of this agreement, including monthly rate and program benefits may be changed by Pirates Car Wash upon 30 days advance notice. Such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous manner at the front desk.


Minimum Participation Age

I understand that I must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Pirates Car Wash UWC program. I may however be of any legal driving age to bring a vehicle to Pirates Car Wash that is registered under the Pirates UWC program.



To expedite the resolution of any charge dispute, all disputes should be addressed to Pirates Car Wash. Every effort is made to resolve such disputes quickly and fairly in accordance with the terms and conditions permitted under this agreement. Piratescarwash@gmail.com


Windshield washer fluid

The concentration of the the fluid is changed in different seasons of the year. 20F is used only during extreme winter months. 

Jolly Roger Reward Program Rules & Regulations for Unlimited Wash Members.


  1. Every Unlimited Wash Member receives points depending on their plan choice.

  2. Receive points on all additional items & services you purchase.

  3. If you cancel or dicontinue your Unlimited Wash Club Membership you will lose all earned points. We recommend that you use your points under your UWP and then cancel. This way you were able to redeem all the points you have earned. You may still participate for free , by obtaining a Jolly Roger Reward Card.

  4. You earn 1 point for every $1.00 you spend on all items & services including the monthly cost of unlimited wash plans.

  5. You may only transfer your points once.

Reward Program General Rules & Regulations for Unlimited Club Plans & all Pirates Car Wash customers.


  1. You may not use your card with other customers wash purchases.

  2. You may not sell your points to others.

  3. Pirates Car Wash retains the right to dicontinue any member at any time.

  4. You may not use this offer with any other offer.

  5. Pirates Car Wash retains the right to change/terminate The Jolly Roger Reward Program without any notice.

  6. You may not transfer points.

  7. Points may not be accumulated for a business enity.

  8. Members must be 18 years of age or older.

  9. Accumulated points or rewards are not member property and may be revoked, cancelled, limited, or modified at any time, even though such action may affect the member's right to use previously accumulated points.

  10. Pirates Car Wash is not liable for points or awards lost due to fraudulent or unauthorized use, including fraud caused by lost or stolen cards.

  11. Pirates Car Wash reserves the right to charge $1.00 for card replacement.

  12. Points are credited to your account when presenting your card, UWP sticker or mobile number.

  13. You may transfer your points only once.