Express Detailing

Express Wax (30 Minutes)

A polymer (sealant) or Carnuba Wax is applied to enhance brilliance and provide a protective layer to the paint surface. Microfiber towels are used to remove our express wax.

(Price of wash not included)

  1. Members $65
  2. Members $75
    (Over Size Vehicles)
  1. Non Members $75
  2. Non Members $85
    (Over Size Vehicles)

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detail (2-3 hours)


Step 1

We begin with the wash. This isn’t your typical wash however we use a few multiphase cleaning solutions that help break down heavy grime and dirt build up.

Step 2

In this next step we dry the vehicle and begin to remove tar, tree sap and other contaminants that have been imbedded in the vehicle’s clear coat surface.

Step 3

Then we clean all the crevices in the front grill, front spoiler, rear spoiler , emblem areas, liscense plate areas and windsheild wiper areas.

Step 4

Next we use our claying process to remove all of the contaminants in the clear coat that are not visible to the naked eye. This will be a crucial step in the entire detailing process, leaving the clearcoat free and clear of dirt.

Step 5

At this point we apply our deep shine Plum Wax with an orbital buffer using a high quality micro fiber bonnet. The vehicle should feel and look smoother than the day you purchased it!

Step 6

We then spend time by hand wiping the vehicle with microfiber towels to ensure that all areas of the vehicle are wax free. We generally use our microfiber towels near door handles and areas with grooves. Those are hard to reach areas for the buffer.

Final Step Finally!

We clean all the windows inside and out to a smudge and streak free condition.

Non Members: (Regular size $165) (Over Size $175) (Extra Over Size $230)

Members: (Regular Size $107) (Over Size $114) (Extra Over Size $150)