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The next time you visit a Pirates Car Wash location just ask the attendant/Cashier to join the Jolly Roger Rewards Program.

The following information will be required in order to receive rewards.
(Name, Email address, Vehicle Info, Mobile Number, Birth date)

Welcome to our Jolly Roger Program. We now offer reward points on everything you purchase. You can use
your points for free items and services. Joining is completely FREE! Just ask for your free rewards card.

If you join our Unlimited Wash Club you can use the Barcode Sticker as your rewards card.

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For every dollar you spend at Pirates Car Wash you earn one dubloon point that can be redeemed for gifts and services.

($1 = 1 Dubloon point)


Jolly Roger Rewards Members!

  • 150 DP = Tire Shine
  • 150 DP = Windshield Washer
  • 300 DP = Full Service
  • 250 DP = Rain X
  • 250 DP = Premium Car Freshner
  • 300 DP = Mutiny

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